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Interview Questions

Interviews are very much alike for work at home job positions and typical in-office job positions. There may be a few questions that are earmarked with a higher importance rating. Be ready to answer the tough questions. After you have prepared your appearance for the work at home interview, practice your answers to some of the hardest questions they may ask.


What can you do for us that nobody else can?

If you were to compare yourself against any of the peers you have worked with previously in the same position, how would you rate yourself? What did they do that made them special? Think about your peers and then compare them with yourself and you will find what makes you special or more marketable. Be the salesman for yourself and sum up your best skills for the recruiter.


Give me a negative thing that your boss would tell me about you.

This is a trick question which can not be answered simply with "I am a perfectionist." It has been done and is no longer a good answer. Simply think about your last review in your previous job. What did your boss ask you to work on and why? Take the lesser of the negatives and then cite that review question to your recruiter. Make sure to let her know how you have worked on it in the past and how you are still working on it today. Make sure this negative is not a crucial point to the job position you are applying for or directed towards your ability to work unwatched at home. For example, if you do not have to speak in public for this open position and your previous employer noted this as a weakness in the past, use this negative and turn it around by saying you joined a public debate group or toastmasters.


Tell us about your future with us in five years.

The recruiter is looking to fill the position based on the company's needs at the time. She would like to know that you will be there in five years and that she won't have to dive through another hundred resumes in a few months if you leave the open position. Think about your goals with the company and let the recruiter know where you would like to be in five years with them. Use your examples of moving up the corporate ladder if you have any, noting that you would like to succeed with her company in particular and why.


What type of equipment do you have in your home?

Be honest and factual. Before the interview, write down the name and model of your computer. Make a list of all the equipment you have available to use for this open position. If you are willing to use your phone and have free long distance, note that as well. The employer is looking for someone who will not require them to buy extra equipment and is willing to upgrade as necessary, or they want to know how much it will cost them if they hire you. If your computer is old and will break down very soon, negotiations may need to be made up front on equipment the employer is willing to lend or buy.


Tell us about your home environment.

The recruiter needs to know if your environment is conducive to their needs. If there is no need for phone calls, then having a dog will not concern them (noise and barking). If your children are at a babysitter or school most of the day, make sure to note that you will be alone during work hours.

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Remote Position | Must have your own office

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"May work from anywhere"


"Must have home office"


"Candidate will work from a home office"


"Will have the option to work from home"


"Must have high speed Internet"


"This home based position"


Work from Anywhere | Must have high speed internet

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