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Direct Sales


Direct selling is an option as a job for teens to work at home. At mark. the earnings for teens is greater than that of other sales representatives. So, what is mark. you ask? It is a division of a large cosmetic company: Avon. Before you pass judgment on that name, you need to know a few facts:

  • The mark. catalog is completely different in size and look
  • The mark. products are completely different than Avon products
  • Avon products do not appear, nor does the Avon name, on mark. products or catalogs
  • mark. cosmetics are made for the younger crowd: ages 16-21
  • mark. representatives make more per sale than most Avon representatives
  • mark. representatives have absolutely no sales requirements or due dates
  • mark. representatives earn points towards certificates to restaurants, fun places, airlines and cruises
  • The mark. spokeswoman is Lauren Conrad (from MTV)

A little more excited now? Well, check out these numbers!

  • mark. representatives earn 40% on beauty and jewelry sales
  • mark. representatives earn 20% on fashion sales
  • Sign up for direct deposit and your earnings go right into your account
  • Gain business-building skills and learn sales and marketing techniques for free
  • No experience is necessary
  • Boost your resume with your skills learned through mark.
  • Give back to your community with your involvement with m.powerment fund and help raise awareness to end the cycle of dating abuse and violence




Home Based Positions




Your Special Talent

You have a talent. Although some may know their talent early in life, some take a little longer to find it. But, believe me, you have one. Use your time wisely and choose small jobs at first while you are still in high school. Give different kinds of jobs a chance. Use your hobby or your best subject in school to guide you and after a few tries, you will find a job that you really excel in.

Junior Jobs | YMCA Lifeguard

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During the creation of this teen section, we researched the search results on Google for:

  • Jobs for Teens
  • Summer Jobs for Teens
  • Part Time Jobs for Teens
  • Jobs 14 years old
  • Jobs 15 years old
  • Jobs for teens 13
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  • jobs 16 years old
  • online jobs for teens
  • jobs for teens 15
  • jobs 13 years old

What we came up with were a lot of web sites who are telling teens they can work online and they are proving it with checks they receive from paid survey companies and Paypal.

Be aware! They "may" be getting these checks, we do not know, but they are not earning the money by doing only surveys online. What they are doing is getting teens to visit their web sites and to click on the advertisements to sign up for surveys. The survey company then gives this person money for referring others to their site. This is a very valid way to make money, however, it is also very hard and tedious work, and it is misleading to allow a teen to think they can just answer surveys for big money. Surveys do not pay much at all, it is referring others to the site and having them sign up, this is what makes the money.

The very best way for a teen to make money (outside of retail and fast food) is to start a home business using their skills that they have worked on for so many years, be it little league (making them a great coach candidate for small children) or an instrument, they can mentor and teach others while making money.



High School Intern | Ride Operator

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A career at home? Check into this!