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Top Ten Telecommute Corporations

The top ten US companies that allow telecommuting and work at home as an option are listed below. According to CNNMoney, the top 100 best companies to work for in 2008 have 84 that allow their employees to telecommute or work at home. That means that less than 20 of those employers do not have a work at home option. In this writer's opinion, those 20 should not be in the Top 100 list.


Listed as allowing over 70% of their employees telecommute or work at home is Cisco Systems. Cisco is the leading supplier of networking equipment and network management for the Internet. Their products include routers, hubs, ethernet, etc. You may search Cisco for your perfectly balanced telecommuting job at Cisco Career Connection.


The next in line is Booz Allen Hamilton, which boasts 34% of their employees as working at home or telecommuting regularly. Booz Allen Hamilton is a leading consulting firm, helping government clients solve tough problems with services in strategy and operations. They have a work at home job search available at consulting careers and job opportunities.


Fourth in the top ten telecommuting best companies to work for is S C Johnson and Son. You may know this company better by the brand names it creates, such as Windex, Ziploc, Pledge, Glade, and Edge. They have been a part of all of our lives for over 100 years. They have their employee's testimonials and a great job search at building a career with you.


Other companies in the top ten list include:


American Fidelity Assurance which boasts 30% work at home regulars, Shared Technologies which boasts 26% work at home regulars, Principal Financial Group which boasts 23% work at home regulars, Goldman Sachs which boasts 22% work at home regulars, Yahoo which boasts 20% work at home regulars, and finally Qualcomm which only boasts 18% work at home regulars.

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