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Sales Verification

From our "No College Degree Required to work at home" series, third party verification (sales verification) is inbound calls only with no sales necessary. When another company sells a product to a consumer, a second company is needed to verify that the consumer did, in fact, make the purchase. This is required by the FCC in most states as well as the FTC.


Typically, these positions allow you to choose your own hours and work on your own schedule. Some companies allow a schedule with as little as two hours, for those who are looking for supplemental income. The best of all: there is no selling required.


What you may need in your work at home office to perform this job:

  • Telephone with headset

  • Dedicated phone line for incoming calls

  • Quiet home office environment

  • Computer

  • High Speed Internet

  • Software (such as Microsoft Office)

  • Customer Service experience

Some work at home employers for third party verification services to look into: BSG and VoiceStamp

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